Your fighters can cut weight, but not an excessive amount. The amount which they can cut will depend on their conditioning and energy levels. They will cut weight automatically, so you don't actually need to do anything other than make sure they can make the fight weight. You can find the minimum weight that they can cut to on their profile page and the my fighters page. This will change through time depending on their conditioning and current energy levels.

Assuming your fighter has a conditioning and energy value of 150 out of 150, you can cut the following amount of weight.

fight weight (lbs) max weight (lbs)
135 148
145 159
155 171
170 187
185 204
205 226
265 292

If your condition and/or energy is not at the maximum level then the amount of weight you can cut will drop dramatically, so be very careful and don't push it too far or else your fighter will miss weight!

Missing weightEdit

Your fighter can weight one pound maximum over the given fight weight (after they have cut weight). If they are only a lb or so over that, they will get 2 more hours in the sauna to get down to weight, but that will hurt their fitness etc during the fight.

Anything more than that and the fighter will miss weight all together and it will be ruled a no contest. You will only find out if your fighter has missed weight when you go to view the fight report.

If your fighter misses weight he will not get paid, his opponent will get no replacement opponent and he will take a big hit to his reputation.

Fighting after cutting weightEdit

Your fighter will bulk back up to their original weight come fight time. This will give him the benefits you would expect of being larger (stronger etc), but if he has cut a LOT of weight, he will be drained. He will have less energy come fight time and due to the loss of fluid around his brain during weight cutting, he may also be easier to knock out. In short, it is a delicate balancing act.

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