Alliances are basically clubhouses for you and your friends within the game. Join together to prove your domination as a group of users and reach the status of top ranked alliance within the game.

  • Alliances have a chatbox to chat with your fellow members.
  • In order to join an alliance you must be invited by the user who created the alliance, or one of his executive members.
  • All your fighters will become representatives of the alliance if you join. They will also leave the alliance if you leave.
  • A thumbnail of the alliance will appear on all member's profile pages.
  • Any VIP user can create an alliance.
  • You must also be a VIP member to join an alliance.


The overal fighter record is exactly the same format as the manager profile page's display of fighter records, just a total of all the managers who are members of this alliance.

The top 5 managers and fighters list is based on who has the highest hype rating, in each category.


Only members of your alliance are able to view the chatbox. Please keep discussions clean and abuse free.

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