This page gives a rough idea of our financial plan and how the game survives and hopefully prospers and grows.


MMA Tycoon survives from income from 3 sources.

  • VIP membership: read more here
  • Development fund: We also have a development fund which can be found on the VIP page within the main game. EVERY PENNY that is donated to this fund will go straight into developing new features and if you also contribute your own ideas in the forum, this could mean ideas that you put forward!
  • Advertising: If you would like to advertise on MMA Tycoon, please visit the following page: advertising. Adverts on the main site are displayed to all basic users and appear on every page of the site once they are logged in.


  • Initial costs: The initial outlay for the site (programming costs etc), was extremely high and we will be pay these costs off for quite some time.
  • Hosting: As an MMORPG with thousands of users, we have a significant hosting bill each month, to ensure the best performance possible for the site.
  • Game developments: We are constantly investing in programming for game developments and this is our major cost at all times. We aim to improve the game on a rolling basis to include new features for both basic users and VIP users If you have any suggestions, please contribute in the forum - we will genuinely follow up all ideas and suggestions.


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed financially to MMA Tycoon!

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