The following items are either already in development or will start development as soon as we have sufficient funds. If you like the idea of any of these features, please contribute to the development fund as all proceeds go straight towards programming costs.

More stats!Edit

We are constantly developing more stats and rankings.


This would be a VIP feature.

Challenge fighters managed by other VIP users to behind closed doors fights that would not appear on the fighter's record. Settle grudges between your closest rivals! :)

You would be allowed to have one smoker per month and it would not affect the fighter's fitness / injury levels, so it would just be for a bit of fun.

Cross promotionEdit

Inter-organization events. 10 fighters from one organization take on 10 fighters from another organization in a battle for supremacy (or something cheesy sounding like that).

Female fightersEdit

This would be very tricky, given the amount of times the words "he" or "he's" or "he'll" appear within the game but it is a definite possibility. Given the amount of time it would take for what would basically be a cosmetic improvement, female fighters may be made available only to VIP users, although this is undecided.

IFL style fight leaguesEdit

This would require a significant amount of programming but if it's something that people are interested in, we'll definitely do it.


We may add casinos to the list of companies that you can run within the game, including flash versions of poker, blackjack, roulette etc. Blackjack and roulette would be relatively simple but poker would be another thing all together, especially if we were allowing people to play against other real users within the game using their managerial bank balance. It would be really cool though, so if you guys all spread the word and we get loads of money in then we'll do it for sure! :)

A second worldEdit

If the game gets really busy, we may consider a second universe. The two worlds would operate independently, perhaps with the option for end of year mega fights between the two worlds.

Free agent / company alarmsEdit

A VIP feature to send email alerts one hour before any free agent or company for sale listing is due to finish.

Loan companiesEdit

We're thinking about the possibility of introducing user run loan companies. If you're rich, you could lend money to the less fortunate at your own choice of interest rates and loan periods.

Other stuffEdit

We have other stuff in the works too but we don't want to release details just yet because it would give away our best ideas to other similar games.

Have you got any ideas???Edit

If you have any ideas that you'd like to suggest, please contribute in the forum. If the idea is financially viable (or perhaps even if it's not), we'll consider it and will implement as many of your ideas as we can.

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