Pay Per View is the only way to get your show on TV within MMA Tycoon.

A fight org owner may select the PPV option when creating an event, however, they should bear in mind that PPVs are not always profitable and just like in real life, a small org is not going to generate many PPV sales at all!

PPV costs Edit

Fixed cost - There is a fixed cost per hour for running a PPV of $300,000 per hour.

PPV length - You can choose to hold a 1, 2 or 3 hour Pay Per View. A 1 hour PPV will draw less fans than a 3 hour PPV but not three times less. Therefore, if you have a marginal quality event, it is more likely to turn a profit if you run a short PPV but if you have an excellent card, you will be able to make more significant profits with a 3 hour PPV.

Varible cost - Anyone running a PPV will also have to hand 50% of their income over to the PPV service provider.

Cameras - cost $10,000 per camera and go towards improving broadcast quality and in turn your PPV quality rating.

Commentary - You can spend between $10,000 and $100,000 on commentators. The higher the wage, the better the quality and again, the higher your PPV quality rating..

PPV Income Edit

The price of PPVs within MMA Tycoon is $35, so after the 50% network cut, you will get $17.50 per PPV sold.

PPV quality rating Edit

Your company will have a rating for the general quality of it's pay per views. This is a hidden variable and is not related to the quality of the fighters or the matchmaking, but is simply related to the quality of the TV broadcast (commentary and cameras). The higher this value, the more PPVs you will sell next time you hold an event.

When to hold a PPVEdit

Below a certain event rating, you are guaranteed to lose money on a pay per view, because of the large fixed costs. The point at which you can think about holding a short (1 hour) pay per view is at around an event rating of 200-250, depending on matchmaking, your organizations reputation etc.

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