The start new company form is relatively simple. You are allowed to create one of the following (Fight org, Nutrition, Clothing or Gym), plus a fight alliance and a bookmaker.

Start new companyEdit

  • Company name: Choose a nice clean name for your company and don't use a real world company name unless you actually run that company in real life. If that is the case, please email us from an official email address ( to let us know.
  • Company type: Choose which type of company you want to start up.
  • Location: Pick the base location for your company wisely - it will cost a lot of money to change it.
  • Allocate funds: Allocate an amount of money from your managerial bank balance. If you have no money in that account you can fund your company just from loans.
  • Bank loan: You may take a loan out up to $50,000 which will be repayable over a period of 1 year at 10% interest.

Guide loan amountsEdit

Assuming you are not investing any of your own manager's money, you will need to borrow;

  • Fight org - full $50,000
  • Gym - at least $30,000
  • Nutrition - at least $30,000
  • Clothing - at least $20,000

Make sure you read up on what is involved with each of the types of company before you create them.

Start new fight allianceEdit

Simply select the name of your new alliance and a location and click submit - that's it! No costs, easy peasy. To check out what to do once you've actually created the alliance, check out one of the following two pages.

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